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3M™ DBI-SALA™ Roof Top Anchor - For Bitumin Roofs 2100142

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  • Brand
  • Country of Origin
    United Kingdom
  • Testing & Approvals
    OSHA 1910.66, OSHA 1926.502, Capital Safety Gen. Mfg. Req.
  • Weight Capacity
    310 lbs. (141 kg)


The most important element of the fall safe system, the anchorage point, is often neglected. It is one of those things that puts numerous workers at risk. The 2100142 roof top anchor was designed specifically for bitumin roofs, from flat ones to those sloped up to 3:12. Given its unique design, this anchor can be attached and fastened directly to the wood, steel or concrete roof panels. Furthermore, the anchor contributes and enhances both the thermal design of the roof and the aesthetics. Adding to this the incredible work capacity of 310 lbs., its versatility, and the fact that the tie-off point can rotate to 360 degrees, it is safe to say that this roof top anchor is one of the best in the field.

  • For Bitumin roofs
  • Easy to install
  • Fastened directly to the roof panels
  • Energy absorption design
  • Enhanced aesthetics
  • Compatible with different fall safe systems
  • For flat/up to 3:12 sloped roofs
  • Wide variety of fastening options
  • Weather proofing
  • Thermal efficient
  • Tie-off point rotates to 360 degrees
  • Up to 2 people per horizontal lifeline system
  • Work capacity: 310 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 6 x 16 x 9 in
  • Meets the OSHA 1910.66, OSHA 1926.502, Capital Safety Gen. Mfg. requirements

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Customer Reviews

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Larry Schroeder
Very flexible anchor

This anchor is really flexible. I can attach it in different ways which makes it really easy to use.

Tatum Hubbard
Great anchor

I can easily set this up in a matter of minutes thanks to the efficient design. Great anchor indeed.

Gerald Aguirre
Perfect for my line of work

This anchor is great for my line of work. It's so easy to set up and it works with pretty much all my equipment.