Prevent accidents from happening in your area. Isolate machines and equipment and keep them from starting up accidentally, especially when maintenance is ongoing. So, for equipment maintenance workers, you need high-quality lockouts-tagouts to lock down the equipment effectively before you do the service.

In using a lock-out or tag-out, you must make sure that its quality is guaranteed safe and effective. Keep in mind that if you leave the equipment completely unlocked, it is possible that it will be turned on mistakenly or it will be broken due to overuse. That is why quality lockouts and tagouts are very crucial.

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Locking out pressured valves, especially wheel-typed valves, need to be completely covered to refrain anyone from accessing it. The North B-Safe ball valve lockout is one effective lockout to use.

Any hazardous energy source can be locked using padlocks. If you want to keep multiple padlocks into one hasp and mark it for identification, you can use the G-Line lockout-tagout hasp. It's highly heavy-duty and secured.

Besides these lockout types, Gorvex.com offers more lockout varieties like the circuit breaker pole, cable lockout hasp, electrical switch lockout, and others. Browse through the selection, and you might find the right lockout-tagout you need.