Heat Stress / Cooling

Working under the heat of the sun is one of the most dreaded parts of working, especially if you're working outdoors. Since we're now in global warming, the heat of the sun is intense. And once we're exposed to too much heat, that could lead us to heat stress.  

One can say that they are in heat stress if their bodies can't recuperate to their normal temperature. Once you don't address the heat stress, chances are that your body will be suffering from critical heat-related conditions like heat exhaustion, dehydration, or heat stroke. 

To avoid heat stress, you have to find ways to maintain your cool in your body. One way for you to do it is by wearing our Heat Stress/Cooling Apparel and Accessories from Gorvex.com.

We have a wide array of cooling accessories that will lose your heat stress when working. When working in hot and low-light areas like steel mills or underground mines, wear a cooling vest like the Pyramex CV200 cooling hi vis vest.

Can't tolerate the heat of the sun? Does the heat of the sun hinder you to work? If it does, wear a collapsible cooling brim on your hard hat, just like the Pyramex collapsible cooling hard hat brim. You can also try the Portwest CV03 cooling hard hat crown.

All other cooling accessories we have, just like our vest and hat brim, do provide you a cooling feeling. So, if you can't tolerate the summer heat when working, head on to Gorvex.com today for our cooling accessories.