There is only one thing that makes DuPont safety apparels stand out—they care for every worker deeply. And by deeply, that means working with you all the way, from conceptualization up to usage in the workplace.

DuPont makes sure that they know your experience in the workplace. This is where they get inspiration from their collection. As their core value centers on meeting the needs of the growing population, they ensure that all their disposable safety apparels are meant for you.

Extreme hazard exposure is definitely not something that you should slip away easily. That's why it's necessary to have a partner that will protect you from these hazards. In this country, there's no brand that offers the highest level of protection than DuPont.

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If your job involves abrasive blasting, wearing a disposable coverall is highly recommended for all-around protection on your skin. For top-quality protection, surely you can't go wrong with DuPont Tyvek® TY127S 400 Coverall.

Prefer to wear a protective lab coat instead? The DuPont Tyvek® TY210S 400 Lab Coat is a great choice. Despite using it for abrasive chemical protection, this lab coat is perfect for maintenance work, environmental cleanup, and painting.

Now, if your job is riskier and poses a detrimental effect on your health, wear the DuPont Tychem BR® BR127T Coverall. This coverall protects against various hazardous chemicals like Ammonia and Methanol.

As the leader in providing innovative protective equipment, DuPont's line of disposable apparel never fails. Every item is created meticulously and engineered to provide ultimate protection.

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