Safety is always at the top of mind in every workplace.

From construction sites to logistics warehouses, ensuring employees' safety is crucial to prevent accidents and boost work productivity.

And that is what Cordova Safety Products offer at its core.

For over 25 years, Cordova Safety never fails to offer reliable personal protective equipment (PPE) to numerous sectors. They are committed to ensuring complete head-to-toe safety to people at work or at home, enabling them to perform their jobs safely and confidently.

And because of this shared value, we are proud to offer a selection of Cordova's trusted safety gear here at!

Whether you're working with sharp objects or repairing vehicles during the cold weather, you can count on the Cordova MACHINIST ICE safety gloves to keep your hands safe and warm. With ANSI A5 cut resistance, double-layered nitrile coating, and thermal lining, you can tackle any task confidently, even when the temperatures drop.

Does the glaring sun slow you down at work? Or maybe your eyes often irritate when working in a dusty workplace? Putting on the Cordova Boxer safety glasses might be the perfect solution! These ANSI-rated safety glasses are scratch- and UV-resistant to keep your eyes safe and your vision clear.

Want your co-workers to see you easily? When working in low-light conditions, the Cordova Class 2 mesh hi vis vest is your trusted ally! This ANSI-rated vest comes in high viz colors and features two-inch reflective tape to keep you visible even from afar.

Whether you need a vest, hard hat, safety glasses, or gloves, Cordova Safety has you covered with quality safety gear at prices that won't break the bank!

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