First Aid

Accidents and injuries happen any time, especially when you're in the construction industry. You fall from heights, you slip and fall, you get hit by debris, you get exposed to dangerous chemicals or toxins, and more. No matter how careful you are, you cannot avoid the possibility that unforeseen circumstances will happen along the way.

Because accidents are inevitable, the best way to combat it is to be prepared at all times. And the efficient way to prepare for times like that is to have a first-aid kit.

Here at, we have all sorts of first-aid kits to prepare you for the worst times.

For truckers who are always on the move, having the North Truck Deluxe first aid kit handy is ideal. With this kit, you can quickly tend to any cuts and scratches, ensuring you're prepared for anything on the road.

But if you suffer from abrasions, wounds, cuts, or even other non-construction injuries like bites, stings, or allergic reactions, the North Soft Pack first responder kit provides an efficient medical treatment. 

At, we offer a wide array of high-quality first-aid kits that fit the needs of every construction company. See the full collection here and get a suitable first-aid kit for your team today!