Venture Gear

Venture Gear is a quality brand of Pyramex, the largest manufacturer of safety equipment and PPEs in the US. As they're bringing the Pyramex promise, we're confident that you will get the full benefits of their eye protection - safety, comfort, lasting, and best of all, affordable. Thus, wearing any Venture Gear eye wears will definitely make you endure the toughest environments.

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If you're looking for tactical glasses that boast impressive impact and ballistic protection, try the Venture Gear Tactical Howitzer safety glasses. This durable pair is military-grade and comes with an anti-fog coating for uninterrupted vision.

Now, if you prefer to wear eyewear with coated lenses, one good option for you is the Venture Gear Vallejo safety glasses. Not only does it give you UV-ray protection when working, but its sporty appeal makes it ideal to wear it in style.

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