Hand Protection

Are you guilty of using your bare hands at times when working?

Uh oh, you need to be careful though. You don't want to injure your hands, right?

When you work with your hands unprotected, you're exposing your hands to greater risks. You can either end up injuring, infecting, or worse, burning your hands with chemicals.

Don't want that to happen? Then make sure to provide the right hand protection.

And good thing you're in the right place. At Gorvex.com, we have a bunch of high-quality gloves available. They're specially made so you can wear them longer.

Need work gloves to assemble manufactured products? You can wear the Portwest A320 Dexti-Grip gloves.

If your workplace has high exposure to metals, machineries with sharp edges, and other high cut hazards, the Pyramex GL608C cut-resistant gloves are more suitable to use.

In cases where you're exposed to biologically-hazardous environment, you should best use the Cordova 4087 Nitri-Cor disposable gloves.

From basic gloves to winter gloves, we have it all covered here at Gorvex.com.

And because we're here to help, here's a tip to keep in mind—no matter the kind of work you do, whenever it involves a lot of handwork, you should always choose the right hand protection suitable for the job.

Have a safe handwork!