Welding & FR Safety

Construction workers often do a lot of welding, especially when constructing buildings. And in welding, workers need to be careful because of the danger it poses.

Exposing your body unprotected while welding yields to extreme damages to your skin, lungs, ears, and eyes. That is why you need the utmost protection to ensure your safety throughout.

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Gloves and welding apparel protects your exposed skin like your hands and head from burns, heat, and radiation. At Gorvex.com, we provide top-of-the-line protective products like the Portwest UBIZ1 FR coverall and Cordova 8135 welding gloves.

Your eyes are the most essential body part used when welding. With good eyesight, you can weld two objects perfectly together. That is why you need to wear a protective helmet, lens, or goggles like the Pyramex Leadhead welding helmet to protect your eyes from sparks, debris, and intense light.

Here at Gorvex.com, we make sure that you can find all the high-quality welding protective equipment you need to ensure your safety.

Feel free to browse through our selection of welding & FR safety equipment and see what equipment works suitably for your needs.