Moldex is well known in the personal protective industry across the world and that is because their products are innovative, comfortable, and look great too!

Built with innovation and your safety in mind, Moldex offers a wide range of innovative hearing protection and respiratory protection. From corded or uncorded earplugs, earplug dispensers and half or full-face respirators, the Moldex protective products boast quality and comfort.

Moldex earmuffs and respirators aren't simply your asset for providing quality protection. Instead, it's your asset for providing ultimate comfort and safety standard protection. With Moldex, your respiration and hearing are their priorities, and that is their specialty.

So, if you're using jackhammers or operating bulldozers, it's a must to wear high-quality earmuffs like the Moldex MX6 earmuff. These earmuffs highly protect your ears without compromising style and comfort.

Or if you're working in aviation as a baggage handler or a plane mechanic, protect your precious eardrums with earplugs like the Moldex Pura-Fit uncorded disposable earplugs 6800.

Moldex is also well known for the Moldex 8000 pre-assembled half mask respirator which has raving reviews on its comfortability.

As you can see, we can go on and on about the Moldex PPE, but we'll let the products, photos, and reviews do the talking. Shop the Moldex products today here at