Hearing Protection

Earmuffs and earplugs aren't simply pieces of equipment.

They are made to protect - highly specialized, designed for comfort. And they should be in every worker's daily essentials, especially those with long-hour exposure to extreme noise in the workplace.

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So, take advantage of wearing these protective pieces of equipment at work. You can wear the Moldex disposable earplugs or the Pyramex PM80 earmuffs—you decide.

Once you do, you can still hear your baby's first words, your children's laughter, your loved one's words of endearment.

You can even have fun, good conversations with your friends and colleagues.

And that's because you're providing ultimate protection for your ears.

If you want to buy a bundle of plugs for your worker's safety, the Portwest EP20 earplug dispenser is a bang for your buck.

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