North by Honeywell

Proven to provide exceptional safety and protection, North by Honeywell is a reputable brand that protects every hard worker from life-threatening hazards. Whether it be airborne substances, falling debris, or hazardous chemicals, the North line of safety products are the toughest ones in the country.

Sure, there may be dozens of personal and safety protection brands serving the industries of healthcare, construction, industrial, warehousing, and others. But with North by Honeywell safety products, you have it all - exceptional protection, ultimate comfort, cost-saving, you name it. When you're using North by Honeywell safety protection, you're definitely invincible.

So, when you need cutting-edge safety equipment such as gloves, respirators, and more, avail our North by Honeywell products now at

When there is high exposure to airborne contaminants in your workplace, prevent these contaminants to enter into passageways such as your nose and mouth by wearing the North RU6500 full face respirator.

When working, make sure to use specialty gloves that possess features needed for a specific type of work, just like the NorthFlex Light Task Plus PU coated gloves.

Need lightweight head protection? Try the North Deluxe bump cap for protection against minor head bumps and scrapes.

There are still more quality safety products for you to explore with North by Honeywell such as lockouts and tag-outs, cartridges, caution tapes, and more.

Check our extensive line of North by Honeywell safety equipment now here at and find one that you can use for work.