Doing extreme construction or industrial work isn't good for your body, especially if the work involves heavy lifting, prolonged kneeling, extreme digging, etc. 

Once you've overworked your body, chances are that your body will get a lot of bruises and some damages to your bones. The more it becomes damaged, the more your body won't recuperate easily.

Thus, you should find ways to protect your body from too much work damages. And that can only be done by wearing high-quality ergonomics.

Lucky for you, we've got what you need at

We provide top-of-the-line protection for your body when you're at work. Specifically, we offer knee protection, back support, and wrist support.   

So whenever your work requires you to kneel for more than 3 hours or so, let's say you're a plumber or a tile and floor installer, you could use Pyramex BKP200 hard cap knee pads to protect your knees from injuries or cartilage breakdown.

But if you're a furniture mover, a stock clerk, or any job that requires heavy lifting, wear the Pyramex BBS100 back support so you can support your abdomen and prevent your spine from breaking.

Whatever the protection and support you need, we always have one for you available at

So be sure to protect yourself from any workplace injuries with our ergonomics selection.