Fall Protection

Falls are one of the most common causes of construction site deaths. In fact, they account for 33.5% of construction worker deaths in the US based on OSHA's records—the highest among any other workplace accident cases.

And that's a serious matter to consider.

But here's the good news. You can always prevent this accident by having a fall protective equipment suitable for your workplace environment.

Good thing we have a lot of superior and cost-saving fall protection at Gorvex.com.

We have full-body harnesses like the Miller Titan full-body harness, which are great to use for high-risk fall environment. 

We also have lanyards such as the 3M DBI-SALA rope positioning lanyard and self-retracting lifelines like the 3M PROTECTA Rebel self-retracting lifeline to keep wearers safe from falls when working on aerial work platforms.

For complete fall protection suitable for anyone working at heights, check out our fall protection kits like the Miller Titan complete fall protection kit.

Whether you need body belts, beam anchors, roofing kits, whatever fall protective equipment you think of, we've got it all here at Gorvex.com—specially made and readily available when you need them.