Miller Fall Protection

Need a lifeline, a harness, or maybe a lanyard? No matter what fall protection equipment you need, there's no other brand that comes at the top-of-mind for most workers than Miller by Honeywell. Built with safety, innovation, and design in mind, Miller is your ultimate protector against fall injuries in the workplace.

Why Miller? Well, they have been in the industry for more than five decades. Their decade-long experience of providing tough products to workers means one thing—they know your needs. And with the changing needs of the industry, they make sure that their equipment complies with your needs.

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When working under industries in general construction and oil and gas refineries, full-body harnesses are necessary for comfort and fall injury prevention. For this, wear the Miller Titan Contractor full-body harness.

Besides the harness, a fall arrest system is also necessary to prevent shocks or sudden impacts when stopping from falls. With that, you can use the Miller Titan 6' tubular shock absorbing lanyard for effective shock absorption.

Looking for a complete fall protection system? We've got you covered with Miller Titan fall protection kit. This kit comes with a full-body harness, a shock-absorbing lanyard, a cross-arm strap, and a back D-ring—all packaged in a waterproof bucket.

We still have more fall protection equipment in store for you. We have an anchorage connector, a fall protection kit, a cable sleeve, and so much more. With these pieces of equipment, surely you can expect less fall injuries in your workplace.

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