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New Jersey

We like to think we are not just doing business. We are saving lives since 1994.

Who are we you ask? We are a hardworking team of product specialists, customer service, sales and website managers and together we are a fantastic, unbeatable crew!

It all over 20 years ago when Robert White was hustling in the asbestos industry. He worked from his basement office packing orders, pitching sales, and doing everything in between. Soon his business grew from asbestos to spill containment and eventually to a multitude of safety supplies.

Now a family owned business and a multi-office corporation, Gorvex.com is a small company on a big mission! Our goal is to provide quality products at great prices with remarkable service and care. At Gorvex.com, we pride ourselves in our exceptional customer service. Our trained representatives are well versed in-all-things safety and are therefore the perfect address for your needs. Whether it’s a simple question about your order, or a more complex question regarding safety regulations and procedures, we are here to help.

Our online store boasts thousands of products and that’s not all, there’s more! If there is anything you need that is not available on our website, please contact us and we will help you order the item you are looking for.

It is our hope that we can lift some weight off your back and provide you with the security and knowledge that you are safe at work. We got this.

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